Monday, August 22, 2011

trying this again

Well, I just looked on my blog and realized that the last time I blogged was before my moms' wedding in Feb 2010. And in that blog I wrote "hopefull I will stick with blogging this time." LOL!!! Obviously that didn't go far. Oh well, here's for second or third...or fourth chances.

This year has been busy since our wedding last September. In January, Dave quit his job to go back to school full time. He wants to be an engineer...mechanical engineering is his preference. His first semester went well, all A's! Way to go HUSBAND!

This summer I have done a lot of traveling, some trips we've done together, some by myself. In the end of May and first part of June, I went to Spokane, WA to visit my gramma who moved out there 2 yrs ago after leaving behing California and all of it's mess! She is so happy out there and lives in a gorgeous brand new house. I had a great time visiting my family that I don't get to see very often...and I REALLY enjoyed the weather!

The last week of July Dave and myself took a trip to South Carolina with his brother John, and Johns' g/f's son Seth, who is 7. The purpose of the trip was to visit Johns g/f Channon, who back in May, joined the Army National Guard. She was in basic training at Fort Jackson, SC and was graduating at the end of July and we all wanted to go and support her. Dave and I figured, if making such a trip, we want to get our money's we made a whole 8 day vacation out of it. Unfortunately, the trip did not turn out as expected. Flying...for hours...with a 7 yr old...and a 30 yr old with NO patience = NO FUN & HIGH STRESS. It was unfortunate because Dave and I had really been looking forward to vacation time, and alone time. Neither of which we actually got. Between the weather and company, I was miserable. After watching the gradunation in SC we were the govt, to take Channon to her next base. This was going to be nice to spend more time together, all of us. Our next stop was Ft Lee, VA. A pleasant 6 hr drive North. I don't have anything to say about that part of the momma tought me..."if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." After dropping her of a Ft Lee, we had no idea what we were going to do for the next 4 days of our trip. I decided we should drive to Williamsburg, VA. We would be able to see the ocean, and there is a Busch Gardens amusement park also. We did have a great time hanging out by the pool and watching the parks' fireworks show outside our room.

A few days after we got back from South Carolina, Dav and drove to Lake Havasu for a couple of my cousin's birthday parties. We...or at least I...had a great time. No matter how chaotic our crazy family is, I always feel at home, and it was the perfect vacation from vacation and was definately needed.

Since the last trip to Lake Havasu, things have been pretty mellow. I have been working WAY TOO MUCH. It's crazy because, I thought with all the 24-7 time Dave and I spent together on our vacation, I would be OK having to be away for work. But it was almost harder, because I was used to having him there to talk to at any time and then I was either at home sleeping...or working for 5 days straight and it was awful! Oh well, that's over and I've been trying to work my schedule so that I only work 1-2 days and then have 1-2 days off. Some people think that it's crazy, but for me, I don't get too tired and I don't lose 4-5 days in a row to work. I work a couple days, then do stuff around the house, spend time with my family, or shop for a couple days. wash rinse, repeat.

On Tuesday I leave to Phoenix to spend the night with Christina and Phil and the kiddos! I'm so excited for that little trip, and then wednesday morning, I leave PHX for Baltimore to spend my birthday week with Megan. I'm very excited about this also. Not really excited about the weather, but the company. This will be the last time I hang out with her before she becomes a Mrs.

Oh well, I guess this is it for now! Hopefully I will have more news to share soon!!! ;)


  1. I love how happy you are as a married couple. Stick with the blogging so i can keep up with your busy, happy life:)

  2. Glad you're blogging again. I wish I had explored Baltimore more when I was in NJ.